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wet n wild Gray's AnatomyI spotted wet N wild’s new nail polishes at Walgreens not long ago and had to pick up a few to try. Gray’s Anatomy immediately caught my eye. Not because it’s something I’d normally gravitate to, but because it looks so different.

Gray’s Anatomy is a sheer silvery lilac with flashes of green and blue. The duochrome is quite strong though most of the time my nails appeared to be the lilac color.

The formula reminds me a great deal of OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not!; very sheer, but buildable. I used four coats and was quite happy with the coverage.

This polish is it claims that it’s a fast dry nail polish. Wet n Wild claims one coat dries in 60 seconds. Lol, no. I didn’t use a top coat (I like to test polishes that claim they are quick dry) and even though I did this manicure several hours before I went to bed, I still woke up with the dreaded bed nails. I would definitely recommend using a top coat with this polish.

I also had some issues with bubbling, but I think that can be avoided by letting the coats dry a bit longer before putting on the next coat of polish.

And just to avoid any confusion, wet N wild did release a polish of the same name over the Summer. It was limited edition and part of the craze line. This is NOT the same polish. The LE craze polish is a silver metallic. The fastdry polish is the one that is supposed to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game (see a fabulous comparison here).

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  1. I think this looks really good on you. Jealous.

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  4. I have gone to 4 Walgreens and 2 Riteaids and everywhere is sold out! So sad! I did manage to get Party of Five glitters (even though I have Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday) And How I Met Your Magenta, cause I love the show so much!! This color is beautiful on you.

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