Milani – Digital

Let me tell you why I love this polish – and why I’m kind of sad I’d forgotten about it for a while….first- it’s pink & I love pink, second- it’s holographic. I do think the level of holo on this one is less than the other two I own and possibly Hi-Res as well,  3- the big reason – it looks like a (good) glittery mess – but it’s not bumpy or hard to remove – perfection. Could there be another reason? yes of course – It dries pretty quickly – quick enough for me not to mess it up and after 3 coats not to have to use a top coat.

Application was fine, very smooth – and it took 3 coats to get the look I wanted.

So – 2 enthusiastic pink holographic thumbs up.

Happy Saturday!

Other Milani 3D Holographics : Hi-Res, HD, Cyberspace, 3D.


    1. I really like it – I must have tried it once and I don’t know what made it sit in my melmer for months and months…. sparkly pink amazingness 🙂

      Why does it look weird on you!?

    1. Which ones did you grab? I really like this one! In fact, I’m completely reminded of why I picked up almost all of them – didn’t get 3D or Hi-Tech. I may even have to steal back Hi-Res from Alli 🙂

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