China Glaze Towel Boy Toy; Winterized

Right around New Year’s Charlotte was having a bit of an Indian Summer. It was warm and sunny and I was driving around with the top down. So I wanted to do a brighter manicure. I had been in sort of a nail rut; tons of holiday and dark colors. I started looking through my (way too large) stash and picked up Towel Boy Toy.

TBT seemed like the perfect polish to cure my winter blues, but after I put it on I realized it was WAY too bright for January. I didn’t want to start over so I started looking for a polish to layer over it. OPI Yodel Me on my Cell was perfect. I used two coats. It darkened up TBT just enough and added some shimmer.

I really like the way this manicure turned out. Sadly, it wore terribly. It pealed really badly. TBT on its own wears fine, so it must have had something to do with the combination of the two colors.

What do you think?