Barielle Wrap Me in Ribbon

Barielle Wrap Me in RibbonThis is part of Barielle’s Holiday 2010 Holiday Hustle collection. When this collection first came out I kept looking at this polish but for one reason or another kept talking myself out of buying it. Once I spotted it on clearance at Ulta, I had to get it (had is such a strong word….).

Barielle describes this color as a “metallic raspberry with violet and copper pearl undertones.” While I do agree that it can be described as a metallic raspberry, there is no copper. I have no idea where they got that from!

This polish does have red and purple microglitter. It actually reminds me alot of Essence Go Wild.

I have no complaints about the formula or application. I used my usual three coats and had no problems with streaking or bald spots.

Overall, this is a nice polish. I don’t LOVE the color. It feels a bit dated to me. And I certainly don’t think it belongs in a holiday collection.

If you’re still considering picking up a polish from this collection, I would definitely recommend Jess’ Champagne Toast or Snow Day over this one.



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