Maybelline Colorama 24 Gold Wash

Maybelline Colorama Gold WashThis was part of my 7 polishes for $3.25 Dollar Store haul way back in August. I didn’t give this polish much of a look, but I spotted it in my Melmer the other day and decided to give it a try.

Gold Wash is a top coat so it is very thin. I used two coats of Gold Wash over Maybelline Onyx (black creme). The first coat was very streaky, but the second coat evened out the color.

This particular shade of gold isn’t the best for me. It’s a little green/yellow for my taste and skintone. Although over something other than black it might work well. Funny enough, long before I had this polish, I attempted to do something like this over Orly La Playa with Aura Science Champagne. I liked the way it turned out but because Champagne wasn’t really meant to be a top coat it was pretty streaky and not quite thin enough. I can’t wait to give that manicure another shot!

Hope everyone is recovering from Christmas 🙂



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