Lex Cosmetics Himalayas

Lex Cosmetics HimalayasI love new nail polish brands! Lex Cosmetics is a really unique nail polish brand. The main reason being….all the colors are created by lacquer lovers like me and you. You’re probably wondering how that works. Well, anyone can submit a color idea. If that idea is picked, it is them put up for a vote. The winning color is then made into a polish.

I really love this idea because I cannot count how many times I’ve seen anything from the color of a car to the color of the sky and thought “hey, that would be an awesome nail polish color!”.

Anyway, onto the polish at hand. Himalayas is a very dark grayed out green. At first glance I thought this may be somewhat similar to Orly Enchanted Forest. I was wrong! I have nothing even close to this in my collection. This green leans towards blue which is what makes it unique.

Application was great. I used only 2 coats and I had streak free, opaque coverage. I was impressed with the wear of this polish. I used Essie Fill the Gap! as a basecoat and Essie Good to Go! as a topcoat. I’m on day 2 right now with zero chipping or tip wear. Keep in mind, especially with dark polishes, I usually only wear them one day because I can’t stand obvious tip wear!

Lex Cosmetics nail lacquer is Bad3Free and can be purchased from lexcosmetics.com. They are $10 a piece. A dollar from each purchase is donated to a charity of the color creator’s choice.

Anyone else think this is as cool of an idea as me? Katie has already submitted a color idea (something to do with a sunset and the Atlantic ocean….). I’m looking forward to seeing if her idea gets picked!


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