China Glaze Mummy May I vs. Wet n Wild Night Prowl

I mentioned in my China Glaze Mummy May I post that I thought the polish was very similar to Wet n Wild Night Prowl. And I was right. The two polishes are quite similar, though no where close to exact dupes.

The glitter in Night Prowl is significantly smaller and a slightly different color of purple. The other main difference is the base of Mummy May I is actually not black. It’s a very deep purple. Granted, it is impossible to really see that after a few coats. The base of Night Prowl is black.

Night Prowl retails for $.99 and Mummy May I is anywhere from $4-$6. If you already have Night Prowl I would definitely pass on Mummy May I.

Bottle pictures below the jump.



What do you think?