Essie Berry Hard

Essie Berry HardI got this polish as part of a set along with Essie Fishnet Stockings at Ross ages ago. For whatever reason Berry Hard just didn’t excite me, so I never tried it. But I’ve been doing alot of crazy manicures lately (glitter, half moon manis, bright colors) so I wanted something kind of calm. I decided to give this polish a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised!

Berry Hard is a deep vampy berry jelly creme. I love jellies! I had no idea this was a jelly or there would have been no way I let it sit in my Melmer for so long! I did have to use three coats in the picture it looks like there are some bare spots/uneveness, but that is not noticeable to the naked eye).

This polish was originally released in Essie’s Fall 2004 Luscious collection, but it is now part of Essie’s permanent line therefore an easy find. It’s a really lovely red for Fall/Winter.



  1. I’m so glad you swatched this polish. I bought the SAME Essie set, at Ross, but I’ve never used it. The polish also came with a ridge filler.

    It’s a pretty color. Perfect for this time of year!

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