Katie’s Stash Part II: The Tray of Anxiety

Tray of Anxiety Since my career and daylight savings are getting in the way of swatching I have a special treat for you!Today I would like to introduce to something I affectionately call “The Tray of Anxiety.”

A week or so ago I went through my Melmer (which is almost overflowing) – to pull out every polish that I have 1. Never tried and/or 2. Want to swatch – what you see here is the result. Yes – I realize that it is a huge problem that I have over 100 polishes on the ToA.

I started to edit the photo to label all of the brands but you can tell what most of them are and well to be quite honest – it would have taken forever.  So – how about you help me with this one? See anything you’d like to see on The Daily Varnish? Or you could just say… 4th Essie from the back! Either way…. See below the jump for a bird’s eye view of the ToA 🙂

I think that about wraps up Katie’s Stash part II 🙂

Have a fantastic week!


View from the Top:


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