OPI My Private Jet

OPI My Private Jet

After mentioning OPI My Private Jet in my Sephora by OPI 212 Sephora post, I decided to pull out this polish which I haven’t worn for ages. The base color is why 212 sephora reminded me so much of this polish. The base colors are quite similar.

Originally from the 2007 Night Brights Collection, My Private Jet is a smoky black polish packed with holographic microglitter. There is alot of confusion and controversy that surrounds this color, so when I spotted an Ulta exclusive Best of Brights display, I decided to pick up a bottle.

There are multiple versions of this color, so I took alot of pictures trying to figure out where this version falls. In direct sunlight, this version of MPJ does have a holographic effect (something some are missing). Looking at some swatches of the original MPJ it is obvious the holographic effect in this version is (very) muted.

So what version do I have? Who knows. I do not think this is the “brown glitter” version I have read about. The reviews on that version cite no holographic glitter and a thick formula that is difficult to apply. It is certainly not the original formula, that is obvious. This seems to be somewhere in the middle.

This particular formula applied easily. Not thick or streaky, and required only 2 coats. I do love the look of this polish, though I do wish the holographic effect was apparent in more than just direct sunlight. If you’re looking for something more like the original MPJ that isn’t so hard to find, Color Club Revvvolution is a good alternative.


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