A cheap alternative for OPI Show it and Glow it!

OPI Show it and glow it dupeI’m going to start off this post with this: NO! These 2 polishes are not 100% dupes. Not even close. There are formula differences, as well as color differences. But (at least in my opinion) unless you are glitter crazy or you just like the name Show it and Glow it! or you collect OPI polish, there is really no reason to pay the OPI price for Show it and Glow it!.

Like I said in my original post on OPI Show it and Glow it!, when I got this home after spotting it at Ulta I realized it looked rather familiar. I  pulled out wet n wild craze nail color in Glitz and quickly compared the 2 polishes in the bottle. They appeared to be very similar. I haven’t really used Glitz much since I picked it up way back in February, so I didn’t remember much about it. But it can definitely hold its own.

Differences, pros, cons and pictures below the jump!

In the bottle the look like almost exact dupes. Once I got them both on the nail I began to be able to see the difference.


  • Color: SI&GI! has more of a variety of glitter. It has silver, blue, purple, red, green and gold. Of course, on the nail you mostly see the purple and silver (and a little blue). Glitz only has purple, silver and blue glitter. On the nail you similarly see mostly purple and silver, but the purple stands out more.
  • Formula and application: Glitz has a clear base where as SI&GI! has a sheer purple jelly base. The glitter in SI&GI! is MUCH more dense. I used only 3 coats of SI&GI! but had to use 5 coats of Glitz.
  • Bottle: I’m not a big fan of the WnW craze bottles. The top is wide and the brush is short, which doesn’t make for the most comfortable application. The WnW craze polish bottles are .34 FL oz, where as the standard OPI bottle is .5 FL oz.

Pros of WnW Glitz:

  • PRICE! WnW craze polishes cost $1.99 (and are often on sale).
  • Availability: WnW is available at almost all drugstores as well as Wal-Mart. Glitz is a permanent color in the craze collection.
  • Other uses: Because this glitter isn’t very dense, it can easily be used to bling up other nail polish (which is what I’ve used Glitz for more often than not). Examples here, and here.

Pros of OPI Show it and Glow it!

  • Application: No one can beat OPI’s brushes, and if you want an opaque glitter nail, this only needs 3 coats.
  • Glitter: More colors = more fun!
  • It’s Limited Edition: There’s just something fun about getting your hands on a LE anything.

Overall, in my opinion, SI&GI! isn’t worth the money if you have (or have access to) WnW Glitz. The picture on the right is really shows how hard it is to tell the two apart. OPI SI&GI! is the top color, Glitz is the bottom color. When you really look at it you can obviously tell the difference, but it is minor. So minor, infact, I wish I had known this BEFORE I picked up SI&GI!. Oh well, hopefully I saved someone else some money.

Would I call this a dupe of OPI Show it and Glow it!? I don’t know. I hesitate to call anything a dupe unless it’s spot on because inevitably someone will comment or send me an email complaining how they aren’t exactly the same. So instead of calling it a dupe, I’ll just let everyone judge for themselves from the pictures 🙂


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