Super Easy Halloween Manicure

I’m not one for nail art but I like to do something fun for holidays. Literally anyone can do this manicure and you likely have all the supplies already and even if you don’t anything you need is super cheap and easy to find.

What you’ll need:

1. Orange nail polish

2. Hole reinforcement labels

3. Black nail polish

4. Top coat

Detailed instructions and pictures below the jump!


Use your orange nail polish for a normal full manicure (including a top coat). Try to use the minimum coats possible to get nice coverage on the bottom part of your nail. I used NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme ($.99 at Target). Let the polish dry completely.

NYC Times Square Tangerine CremeNext apply the hole reinforcement labels to each nail creating a half moon shape. Make sure that the label sticks flush to the nail (pay close attention to the sides).

Once you have the labels secure, use your black nail polish to paint the part of your nail not covered by the label. Sometimes the label can lift from your nail. If this happens prior to applying the black polish use an emery board (or bobby pin, etc) to push the sticker back down. I used Orly Goth which covered the orange easily in two coats.

Once the black polish dries completely, remove the labels, apply a top coat, and viola! You have a Halloween half moon manicure. Instead of a top coat I used 1 coat of Sally Girl U-Glow Girl so my manicure would glow in the dark.


Hopefully I explained that well enough. It’s so simple and fun. Perfect for Halloween 🙂


What do you think?