OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

OPI Royal Rajah RubyI pulled this polish out because Katie posted OPI Sanguine and I found it very familiar. Royal Rajah Ruby is from the Spring 2008 India collection. And as far as I can tell, Sanguine is a dupe of Royal Rajah Ruby.

Royal Rajah Ruby is a blackened vampy red polish with a ton of microglitter. It is a gorgeous color. The only negative of this polish is under most lights it looks basically black. But in the sun or bright indoor lighting it just comes alive.

Application was great. OPI came along way with their India collection. The formula and application of all the polishes I have from that collection are nothing short of perfect. I used two coats for this manicure and had no issues with streaking or bald spots.

This polish didn’t make it into OPI’s Classics line, so it is difficult to find. But, as I mentioned earlier in this post, Sanguine is a dupe of this polish. I do find it odd that there was a dupe for this polish in a Halloween mini set, this polish doesn’t scream Halloween to me at all! But it’s good news for people who missed out on this polish the first time around 🙂



  1. Haha, I’m wearing this for my Halloween costume as a bride of Dracula! 😀 It’s actually my first ever OPI, too…back when I only had like three nail polishes. 😀

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