Funky Fingers Funky Fangs Mini Set

Funky Fingers Funky Fangs Mini SetThis is a super cute mini set my fellow TDV’er got me for my birthday (way back in June!). But considering Halloween is this weekend I thought this would be a good time to review a mini set called Funky Fangs.

This set comes with 4 mini (.25 oz) Funky Fingers nail polishes; a metallic silver, blurple shimmer, black creme and red shimmer. I like the variety in this set. You have everything from a traditional red to a super trendy metallic.

The quality of these mini bottles are great (as good as Orly minis). I’m always worried when I get mini nail polishes that the bottle and the brush will be terrible like the OPI minis. But that was not the case with these. The handle is substantial enough to comfortable apply the polish. The brush is not skimpy either.

All of these polishes are great in terms of formula and application. They all applied well in two to three coats.

The only negative of this set is that the individual polishes do not have names. I hate it when my nail polish doesn’t have a name! To rectify this problem Katie and I gave them Twilight themed names; Edward’s Volvo, Party Lights, Billy Black and Paper Cut.

Swatches and reviews of individual polishes below the jump!


Edward’s Volvo: I’m going to start this off with my favorite from this set. Edward’s Volvo is a metallic silver polish and it is so pretty! Not only is it pretty, the formula is amazing. It applies wonderfully in just two coats.


Billy Black: This is the least special polish from this set. It’s just your run of the mill black creme polish. The formula and application are wonderful, but there’s nothing special about it.


Party Lights: This is my second favorite from this setup. Party Lights is a blurple with red a blue microglitter. It is similar to OPI Russian Navy though as just a tad more purple in the base color.


Paper Cut: This is the most traditional of the color sin this setup. It’s a deep red with tons of microglitter. This is a very flattering red for my particular skintone, so I really love this polish. This color definitely has a winter feel to it. This is not a red I would wear any other time of year.




    1. Color Club and Funky Fingers have alot of very, very similar colors for just that reason. Sadly I don’t have regular access to either brand, lol

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