Zoya – Kelly

Zoya - Kelly I was so jealous when Alli told me that she had found Zoya at her Ulta – I figured that (like Butter London) it would be at her Ulta and not mine. I was SO excited when I saw the Wicked & Wonderful Display at MY Ulta.

I’ve never used Zoya before – mostly because I could never find it at a store near me and I really do hate ordering nail polish online.

Kelly is a deep blue based grey creme – it’s marvelous. It looks more grey in the bottle but the deep slate blue tones really come out on the nail – which made me really happy because I love love love blues. I’m really liking very neutral, muted, grey-ed out tones lately and this really fits the bill. The application was great – if I was VERY careful (and we all know I’m not) – I  might even be able to get away with one coat – but two coats = perfection. The wear was excellent. Overall, I’m really glad I got this – and I’m hoping that Ulta will carry the Zoya Fire & Ice display too.


Katie 🙂


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