Finger Paints Autumn Allure

Finger Paints Autumn AllureI spotted a few of Finger Paints Fall 2010 Seduced by Fall polishes on clearance at Sally’s and decided to give Autumn Allure a try. I’ve actually never purchased a Finger Paints polish before (though Katie had great luck with Autumn Moonlight) so I didn’t really have any expectations regarding this polish.

Autumn Allure is a frosted taupe with a tad bit of purple. It looks much more frosted in the picture then it appears in real life. The camera picks up brush strokes I didn’t even know were there.

I ended up really liking this color. It’s kind of a different twist on taupe. Application was good. I used three coats (only because I’m an habitual 3 coater, 2 would have been sufficient) and the formula was perfect.

This definitely encouraged me to give other Finger Paints colors a shot. Any must have Finger Paints colors I need to check out?



  1. Was this a limited addition? Because I’ve searched two Sally’s in November-December and was unable to find it. Also, you can’t order it online at Sally’s.

    1. It was limited edition and I don’t think they added it to their permanent collection. I’m trying to think of any similar colors but I can’t come up with anything off the top of my head.

      If I run across a dupe I’ll let you know.

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