Revlon Purple Pleasure

L'Oreal Purple PleasureThis is one amazing nail polish. It’s from Revlon’s 2006 Dark Pleasures collection. I have 2 from that collection; Purple Pleasure and Steel-eto.

Purple Pleasure is a black based purple polish with red and blue microglitter. Because it has a black base it’s not your usual blurple. Even with the blue microglitter is always just looks like a blackened deep purple.

The closest polish I have to this in my collection is OPI Who are you Wearing? (this post also includes comparison pics!). But it still falls safely into the blurple category where as Purple Pleasure does not.

This is (obviously) no longer available. If anyone knows of a good dupe I’m not aware of please leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to find one 🙂


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