Avon Rose Gold

Avon Rose GoldThis is one of Avon’s new releases for Fall/Winter 2010. They released 3 gold themed polishes; Rose Gold, Golden Sand and Pale Gold. This was the only one that really caught my eye.

Rose Gold is a gold frosted pale pink. It’s a really pretty color. Unfortunately, the formula isn’t the best. It’s very thin and runny. I used 4 coats to get complete opacity.

These polishes retail for $5 but are often on sale. I really like the color, so the crappy formula is something I’m willing to put up with. But if you’re just kind of lukewarm on the color, I’d skip this polish and get a different color from this line that has a better formula (I highly recommend Jade).



  1. thank you for this photo – it’s on clearance at Avon.com and was trying to decide if I should pick it up or not. I think not! I have more than enough similar shades

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