OPI Espresso Your Style

OPI Espresso Your StyleYes, I’m still stuck on Fall colors when it’s 90 degrees outside. I’m just so ready for cool weather!

This is kind of an odd polish. Everytime I pick it up and look at it in the bottle my reaction is always “ew.” Dark brown nail polish!? Yuck. And then, I put it on my nail and absolutely love it. Espresso Your Style was originally from OPI’s Holiday 2006 Kick Up Your Heels, but I picked it up sometime after that in a special release (my bottle is a green label).

Espresso Your Style is a deep brown with gold microglitter. The microglitter gives the polish a bit of a bronze look. It’s a great alternative to black nail polish. Especially if you are as pale as a vampire like me!



  1. This is my absostinkinglutely favorite nail polish color and have continually got compliments on it since I purchased it in 2006!! It’s now on its last legs, goopy and down to my last drops. I wish they’d recirculate this color so I could purchase it again!!!

    1. I picked it up sometime after 2006 in one of those odd color of the month things they do sometimes. Hopefully they’ll do that again soon!

      I agree, it’s a great color 🙂

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