Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Icing; a layering experiment

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue IcingAfter my troubles with Cosmic Blue I was wary of trying Blue Icing. Katie had already tried Blue Icing (see her review here) and had trouble with it being a bit thin. I didn’t want another bumpy disaster like Cosmic Blue, so I decided I’d try to layer it.

I used 2 coats of Essie Mesmerize then topped it with just one coat of Blue Icing.  I liked the way it turned out, but still don’t love Blue Icing. I had the same problem with the glitter distribution as I did with Cosmic Blue. Granted, Blue Icing was a bit easier to deal with.

Overall, I’m just not a fan of these Sally Hansen polishes with the bar glitter. The winner (and really a must have) from this collection is Mystic Lilac.


What do you think?