Confetti My Favorite Martian

Confetti My Favorite MartianBy now I think everyone has heard about Confetti’s legal problems. Due to this I decided I better get on over to CVS and pick up My Favorite Martian. I’ve looked at it several times but for one reason or another never picked it up (very well knowing it’d be there the next time I was in CVS). I have no idea how long Confetti will be held up in court, but if you have a specific Confetti color you want, it’s best to go ahead and pick it up.

My Favorite Martian is a yellow based green with tons of microglitter. I think this polish is close to being ugly pretty. It’s definitely not the prettiest green in the world, but for some reason I really like it.

I have no complaints about the application. I did use three coats. The first coat was rather streaky but after the third I had a streak free, opaque color.

Confetti My Favorite Martian macroTo me this looks like a less yellow version of Orly It’s Not Rocket Science from the Cosmic FX collection. And by less yellow I mean, I can actually wear it!

Overall I have had extremely good luck with the Confetti brand. I own 2 others, Happy Birthday! and Centerstage (this post also has info about the price, brush, bottle etc) and love both. Hopefully they can work out their legal problems 🙂



  1. This looks really nice on you. I had My Favorite Martian and when I put it on, the 1st 2 things that came to mind were pureed asparagus and bile. Both are pretty gross. I gave it to a friend that loves colors in that realm and even she wrinkled her nose. lol Hideous!

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