China Glaze Red Stallion

China Glaze Red StallionI picked this up at Beauty Brands a couple months ago on clearance. It’s from China Glaze’s Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva collection. I didn’t find that collection all that exciting, this is actually the only polish I own from it.

Red Stallion is an orange leaning frosted red. Not particularly unique, though the little bit of orange makes it different from the other frosted reds in my collection. It’s definitely not a warm weather color, but will be really pretty when the weather starts getting cooler.

I have no complaints regarding the application. I only needed two coats and even though it’s a very frosty polish it left no brush marks on the nail.

Overall I think this is a good basic red to have, but it’s not anything mind blowing. I paid less than $3 for it, and truthfully, that’s probably as much as anyone should pay for it.


What do you think?