Sonia Kashuk – Tauped

If you love taupes – and I know a lot of you do – you need to get Tauped by Sonia Kashuk. I haven’t seen any swatches of this yet – but it’s a really good polish. Good coverage – opaque in two coats and great application. I really really like it. I didn’t get it the first time I saw it but since I had such a good first experience with SK a la Starry Night I decided I had to have this one too.

The look changes quite drastically from shade to sun – but I like both looks a lot. In the shade you can see the gray shine through and in the sun its more of a true taupe. The ONLY complaint I have is that the brush was bent in the bottle – very bent. It still goes back in the bottle just fine and it doesn’t really affect application but it bothers the OCD in me. I’d take it back to exchange if I hadn’t tossed the receipt – but as far as the color goes – total win. I don’t have Chanel Particuliere b/c I’d never pay that much money for a color that’s not in my OMGLOVE zone – but without comparing them I’d say we may have a dupe on our hands. Tauped retails for 4.99 at Target.



    1. I don’t have the original version of YDKJ – I do have the matte version which I hate – but, Alli has YDKJ and I think that You Don’t Know Jacques is darker and more brown – where as Tauped definitely has more grey in it. I love this polish though 🙂

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