butter LONDON British Racing Green

butter LONDON British Racing GreenThis is the second of the two butter LONDON polishes I picked up when I spotted the brand at Ulta. British Racing Green is from butter LONDON’s Fall 2009 collection but is now part of their permanent collection. I am a car fanatic, and have 2 British cars. One happens to be a green Jaguar. So I obviously had to pick up this color. It really is an exact match of the paint on the car.

British Racing Green is a hunter green polish with a little sparkle. The base color of this polish is similar to Orly Enchanted Forest. It’s a really pretty color. I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly unique and truthfully I probably wouldn’t own it if it had a different name. The formula is great, applied easily in two coats.

Seche Vite and butter LONDON polishes do not get along. Whenever I use Seche Vite with butter LONDON polishes they chip very easily. I’ve had better luck using the OPI top coat.

For more information about the availability of butter LONDON and info on the brush and bottle, check out my post on Victoriana.



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