OPI – Ski Teal We Drop

OPI Swiss Collection? LOVE.  I went to Ulta the other night – to find the beautiful Swiss Collection. It’s awesome. I wanted to buy all of them but I behaved and just got 2: Ski Teal We Drop and From A to Z-urich. I’m quite certain I’ll be back within a week to get at least 3 more.

Ski Teal is a gorgeous dusty blue/teal creme  – opaque and even with 2 coats, good application. Both pictures were taken outside- the one on the left is in the shade and the right is in direct sunlight.

What do you think? Which polishes are you going to buy from the Swiss Collection?



  1. I likethis color! It looks great, which is surprising for me because i tend to stay away from the cooler end of the spectrum. For some reason it washes me out, but it looks great with your skin tone! Fab, might even try it out when i get my nails done next week. 😉

    1. which ones did you order?? I got Ski Teal and A to Z-urich but I really want at least 3 more: Yodel, Lucerne, and Diva and maybe Glitz. Ah!

What do you think?