Confetti Centerstage

Confetti CenterstageI’m really quite happy CVS finally has an answer to Walgreen’s SinfulColors. Like Sinful Colors, Confetti polishes are $1.99, though they are only .37 oz.

Centerstage is a red based purple packed with blue and red micro glitter. It’s a really pretty purple. Dark, but never looks black. Depending on the light it can look more blue or more red. In direct sunlight it appears more blue than red. But in indoor light it appears to be more on the red side.

Confetti CenterstageI had no idea what to expect when it came to application, but I was pleasantly surprised. The polish is somewhat thin, so I needed three coats, but it applied very evenly. Didn’t give my any trouble.

As far as the bottle and the brush go…the Confetti bottle and brush certainly aren’t my favorite. The top feels like really cheap plastic and I don’t particularly love the bottle shape. But the brush is fine, not too thin, not too thick. And like I said before, I didn’t have any application issues which, in the end, is the most important thing.

I was impressed by the wear of this polish. I have a (probably bad) habit of changing my manicure almost everyday, but I wore this for 3 days without a single chip. I used my normal base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.

Overall I am impressed with this brand and this particular polish. Hopefully they’ll add some more colors, as right now there aren’t that many unique colors.



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