Sally Hansen Fairy Teal with wet n wild Glitz

Sally Hansen Fairy Teal wet n wild GlitzSometimes I just have to learn things the hard way. This has definitely been the case with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal. I didn’t have alot of luck with Fairy Teal when I initially tried it. I love the color, but it stained my nails horribly. According to Sally Hansen, you do not need to use a base coat with the Complete Salon Manicure line, so I tested that out and ended up with stained nails.

So, this time around I applied a thick coat of base coat and 2 coats of Fairy Teal. I topped it with wet n wild craze in Glitz and a coat of Seche Vite. I really like the way this turned out.

I only wore it for about a day. So much to my horror when I took this nail polish off my nails were stained. AGAIN. And when I say stained I mean the side of my nails look like they still have nail polish on them.

As pretty as Fairy Teal is, I don’t think I’ll ever be using it directly on my nails again. It may be ok for water marbling purposes. Quite disappointing for a $7+ drugstore nail polish.

By the way, if you really like the color of Fairy Teal, Orly Viridian Vinyl is almost an exact dupe of the color (though has a different finish….nothing that a top coat can’t fix though) and doesn’t stain your nails!

Happy 4th of July weekend 🙂


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