H&M – Bella’s Choice

H&M - Bella's Choice I’ll be the first to admit that I bought Bella’s Choice mainly for it’s name. I love Twilight and well, for me this was a must have especially with Eclipse coming out tomorrow.

The color is beautiful – it’s much closer to a true teal than this picture shows – more like a For Audrey or Laura’s Fave – but perhaps bolder. I’ll do a comparison at some point 🙂 The color is closer to the bottle picture than the nail color – but after 20 some pictures I was frustrated.

The application, however, was another story. This is my first H&M polish and it will probably be my last – unless they come up with some sort of golden color and name it Edward’s Eye Ball (I’m kind of kidding…). It went on VERY thick – so thick that you could clearly see where my 1st coat and my 2nd coat didn’t exactly line up – I thinned it out a bit with Seche Restore and it was better, but it could probably use a few more drops before I use it again.

Are you going to see Eclipse?



  1. I love this colour! But if you want to try it a different way I have discovered that with a matte overcoat(I use Essie matte about you) it look amazing!

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