Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Polish & Bling Yes

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Polish & Bling YesI have a confession to make. I, Alli, wore nail bling. *shudders*

As I was browsing at Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale, I spotted this nail polish. The original price was $5, and it was 75% off. I couldn’t say no!

Yes is a green leaning navy packed with microglitter. I say green because with indoor lighting, I do find this polish leans green….sort of OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow esque. But in the sun it is definitely navy, which is how Victoria’s Secret categorizes it. Application of this polish was quite pleasant. Streak free and opaque in 2 coats. I have no complaints.

Now onto the bling…..This polish comes with 6 heart crystals (the bling in Polish & Bling). Two pink, two clear and two red. They are stored in the top of the top with a flip cap. Quite convenient. I figured if I was going to review this polish, I should use the bling!

I did my entire manicure, then applied a slow drying top coat to my right ring fingered, applied 3 crystals with a toothpick, then topped it with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

I thought the crystals looked fine with the color, but OMG were they annoying! They stick  up quite far and I kept just wanting to rip them off. There are definitely better nail crystals out there, ones that aren’t as bulky. As an aside, Seche Vite isn’t the best top coat to use over these nail crystals it is far too thick.

So, the short story, great nail polish, but definitely do not buy it for the bling! According to Victoria’s Secret website this is not a discontinued color. I definitely want to try some other colors int he line, though I think this may be the most unique.



What do you think?