Avon ColorTrend Delicious Berry

Avon Delicious BerryI just can’t stay away from scented nail polishes! I think I really just like nail polish that has something a little extra. Anyways, the ColorTrend ice sheers are new from Avon for Summer 2010. There are 3 colors, Delicious Berry, Luscious Lemon and Refreshing Pear.

Delicious Berry is a frosted purple leaning pink. It looks alot like a frosted version of Essie Splash of Grenadine. I actually really like the color, it’s pink but not too pink, a nice color for summer.

Avon does call these “ice sheers” and they aren’t lying. The polish is sheer. I used 4 coats and I still had a little bit of a VNL.

As far as the scent goes, it’s about the same as Revlon Grape Icy. The smell starts out relatively strong and fades to almost nothing in about 24 hours. Top and base coats do not adversely affect the scent.

I want to try using this as a layering polish and see if it adds the scent to other polishes (along with a little sparkle). I may even try it over Splash of Grenadine. Hmm…

Anyways, I paid $2.99 for this polish. Which, considering what it is and that it’s a mini (.25oz) seems a little expensive. I think it’s fun for the novelty but I won’t be purchasing any other colors. If you’re itching to buy any of the new Avon polishes, definitely get Avon Jade over this!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day 🙂



  1. I’m glad you did this review. I was debating on whether trying all three or not but now I see it won’t be worth it since I didn’t realize they were so small. The pink is cute, though!

    1. I was surprised when I received this that it was a mini. I had no idea. They’re fun polishes but definitely expensive for what you get especially considering I wouldn’t consider any of them must have colors.

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