OPI What’s With the Cattitude?

OPI What's With the Cattitude?Amazing name! Not such an amazing polish. What’s With the Cattitude? was the only polish I was all that interested in having from OPI’s Shrek collection. Perfect color, even more perfect name.

What’s With the Cattitude? is a sky blue creme. The color is really gorgeous. It’s a bit more blue that Color Club Take me to Your Chateau but the same line of blue.

I knew what I was getting into when I bought this polish. I had read the application was terrible. And it’s true, the application is terrible. I had to use 4 coats. The first couple coats were terribly streaky, but it finally evened out and because mostly opaque on the 4th coat. The polish started to kind of puddle in the sides of my nail. It was kind of just a disaster all around.

Even with the terrible application, I’m glad I picked up this polish. I have a cat with an attitude so the name alone was worth it 🙂



  1. Really? For the first time in my experience with OPI, I didn’t have a single problem with the application. No messed up brushes. No errant bristle to jack up my game. It was flawless from start to finish.

    Maybe you got a bad bottle?

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