Sonia Kashuk Purple Rain

Sonia Kashuk Purple RainI finally found a Target that carries Sonia Kashuk nail polish! The Target I usually go to is on the small side but I went to one further out in the suburbs (read, much larger store!) and they stocked the nail polish.

Purple Rain was really the only color I was dying to get my hands on. Purple Rain is a gorgeous purple creme. I love purple cremes, and this one is entirely different from other shades of purple cremes I have. China Glaze Grape Pop is my other favorite purple creme but it is much darker.

I was impressed with application of this polish. I used only 2 coats and to the naked eye it looks opaque and streak free. You can see that the camera makes it appear to be a little thin. The brush is just your normal run of the mill brush, nothing special. And I actually like the bottle.

None of the other colors really caught my eye, but I do think this is a great drugstore polish. It was only $3.99 and Target often does sales on SK cosmetics. Hopefully they will put out some new colors.

The World Cup started today, so I just have to say….Go Germany!



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