Avon Cherry

Avon CherryCherry was my first Avon polish I ever owned. I think my Avon rep gave it to me for free. Regardless, I fell in love with this color!

Cherry is a slightly frosted red. It glows on the nail. Application wasn’t the best. The formula is great (opaque in two coats easily) but the brush is thin and long which can make it somewhat hard to control. I didn’t use a top coat to test the drying time, and it does dry quickly. But it takes quite awhile for it to become dent proof.

This is obviously the old Avon speed dry bottle. I have a few other Avon polishes but they are also in these old bottles so I can’t compare (I just ordered Jade, can’t wait to get it!). As far as I know Avon doesn’t make this color anymore. They have a polish called Cherry Jubilee but it’s darker than this color.

So why am I doing this post about a polish that is no longer available? I have no idea, I just really love it and felt like sharing 🙂


What do you think?