Sinful Colors – Dream On (Neon)

Sinful Colors - Dream On I really liked Dream On. It’s a neon (though I don’t know if it was on the Neon Nights display – I’ve had it for a while). I have to say I love the color – and it’s a bit bolder than my pictures show and it doesn’t scream neon, which I like as well. However – the application was kind of awful. It dried matte -which was completely expected since it’s a neon – but it took 4 coats and I still had visible nail lines – though no one else noticed and I got lots of compliments on my nails when I wore it. Overall though, I liked it and I’ll wear it again. I think it’d look spectacular on my toes or with glitter layered over top.



  1. Pretty colors. I’ve tried 3 of this brand and it is a tad hard to apply but their colors are nice. I used a white/clear glitter for a topping and a red and green they have at Christmas time.

  2. I really like Dream On. It’s a very pretty, funky color and yeah, it dries up matte. But would look waaaay prettier with some glitter and even a simple nail art. A couple of gems and all.

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