L’Oreal – High Tide with Hidden Treasure

L'oreal- High Tide & HT Of the three new L’oreal’s I knew I had to have High Tide. It’s a greyed out light blue with just the subtlest of shimmer in it. It’s gorgeous. To make it even better I added 1 coat of Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure. The picture isn’t all that great because I took it 1. in my car and 2. without sunlight but I think you get the idea – it’s really pretty and elegant. I dig it.

Both of these polishes are what I would consider must haves. A little nail polish confession…. When I went to Walgreens a few weeks ago my favorite cosmetics lady had the new SH display but nothing in it, so we went through all the boxes so I could find Hidden Treasure. Totally worth it and at the time they were buy one get one half off – I also picked up Ring my Shell.

I apologise for the hiatus in posting, it’s been dreary here for days and days –  had to give in and show you this though.

Happy polishing!



  1. Great Loreal color…I am so drawn between loving these colors and the fact that the company tests on animals. My conscious is getting in the way of my love for polish 🙂

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