Water Marbling with China Glaze Oxygen

Water Marble China Glaze OxygenI love the way this water marble turned out! The base is China Glaze Oxygen and I marbled with China Glaze Strawberry Fields and China Glaze Grape Pop. It turned out very girly and great for the warmer weather.

I have started a list of good (and not so good) nail polishes to marble with. The list is relatively small as I’m still a newbie at water marbling, but as I experiment more I will update.

Have a great Saturday 🙂



  1. All four of the American Apparels that I have work great for marbling! Hassid, Cotton, Poppy & Manila
    I know you’ll want to try polishes out for yourself before adding them to your document, but I thought I would throw that out there.

    I’m so excited about your list!

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