Meet Katie’s Melmer

Katie's Melmer

Before I go on a rant on how much I love my melmer… I got around to updating my polish spread sheet – go check it out: Katie’s Nail Polish. I figured it’s about time I introduced you to my Melmer. I found these amazing wall stickers at The Dollar Tree today to decorate it with. I love them! They had a lot of what I consider to be childish or lame stickers – but I thought these were very zen and pretty. All for a dollar! Before building my Melmer over spring break, I had nail polish in shoe boxes, tupperware, and pretty much everything imaginable. I could never find anything and it wasn’t organized at all. Now… just a note on the melmer…. the instructions gave it an assembly time of 15 minutes. It took me 5 hours. I don’t want to talk about it. After I finished it I organized everything by color and just loosely threw them in – 1. Pinks/Reds, 2. Blues/Greens/Purples 3. Metallics/Top Coats/Base Coats/Blacks/Greys/Silvers/Glitters. Without a doubt the drawer that is most full is the Blue/Green/Purple drawer.

Tonight I got inspired to organize by shade within each drawer – I’m not sure I’m entirely happy but it’ll work for now. Part of me wants to organize them by brand…. how do you organize your polish? More pictures under the cut of this process 🙂

Above: Snapshots of the pink/red drawer and the blue/green/purple drawer before organization.

Above: Organizing by color.

Anyway – I hope you enjoyed. I’ll get back to swatching shortly. Things have been pretty hectic lately. Check out my stash and let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see 🙂 And go meet Alli’s Melmer if you haven’t already.



  1. I am so happy I saw this post because the Ikea catalog shows the helmer with more drawers, possibly stacked on top of each other? I though it was 6 drawers and actually it only has 3.

    1. Well – the Helmer from Ikea does have 6 drawers – This I got from Michael’s and it is stackable – which I like. 3 drawers is enough for me… for right now anyway 🙂

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