Essence colour & go Go Wild

Essence Go WildI picked up Go Wild when I first spotted the Essence display at Ulta. It’s purple, it cost less than a dollar, it was a no brainer.

Go Wild is a frosted lavender purple. You can’t see it in the picture, and truthfully it’s hard to see even on the nail in the sun, but it does have some multi color micro glitter going on.

I decided to try this polish without a top coat. The bottle claims you can colour & go in one second for each nail. Well, that’s certainly a stretch, but it did dry very quickly, at least to the touch. I did manage to dent the polish on my thumb an hour or so later. So while it dries to the touch within a few seconds, it doesn’t dry fully any faster than any other polish.

I will say the wear was quite impressive. I didn’t notice any tip wear for 2 full days, and wore it a third (even though tip wear drives me crazy) without any bad chips.

Application was on par with other polishes I have from this brand. Only two coats were required (and I still love the brush!).

Happy hump day!



  1. My Go Wild is different, a creme! This one is lovely, too: Essence polishes are really nice and cheap (that means me buying a LOT of them)!

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