Maybelline Express – Summer Splash

Maybelline Express - Summer Splash I was so excited to see the full Salsa Sun display yesterday at Walgreens. I knew I had to have Summer Splash. Lately, I find myself choosing more bold colors and shying away from the pastels – and this is definitely bold.

Summer Splash is a beautiful blue creme that leans slightly teal – I had a lot of trouble picking that up with my camera. All of the colors were fantastic – I’ll probably pick up a few more from this collection.

I’m ready for the weekend. How about you?



    1. I’m loving blues right now! and this one is definitely pretty! I love the Maybelline Express polishes – they’re perfect for me!

  1. Egads, I love this one! Do you know how close it is to Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away! ? From here, it looks pretty close. I might have to do a comparison because it is a quite lovely shade and looks shinier than Blue Me Away!

    1. I don’t have Blue Me Away so I’m not sure, I’m thinking about doing a comparison to Suzi Says Feng Shui though…. hmmmm. I just put it on again tonight – I love it 🙂

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