Essie Splash of Grenadine

Essie Splash of GrenadineSplash of Grenadine is the last of my purchases from Essie’s Summer 2010 Resort Collection. They were buy 2, get 1 free at Ulta. Splash of Grenadine was my “I guess I’ll get it since it’s free” polish. But I ended up liking it quit a bit.

Splash of Grenadine is a purple based light pink creme. I am generally not a fan of pinks, but I really like this polish. The purple undertones work well against my skintone and make this not just another boring pink.

I had the same application problems with Spash of Grenadine as I did with Turquoise & Caicos and Lapis of Luxury. Thin formula, required 3 to 4 coats, but totally worth it.

Have a fabulous day 🙂



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