Sally Hansen Complete Manicure – Midnight in NY

Midnight in NY I apologize for my extended absence. I got a little overzealous with the clippers well…I’ve been embarrassed to show my nails. I decided that I would give Sally Hansen’s “AMAZING” Complete Salon Manicure Line one more try. I figured I owed it as much. At first I decided just to give I Pink I Can another shot. It was just as fail as I remember, maybe even worse. So.. I saw a review of this polish on another site, and I thought sure why not.

I like it a lot. I used a basecoat learning from Alli’s terrible stained nails from Fairy Teal. It took about three coats for Midnight in NY to be completely even – but if I was more careful I could probably just do 2.

I got this because I love black nail polish – to a ridiculous extent and I loved that it had multicolored glitter in it. Very pretty. I regret not taking this picture in the sun b/c I think the sparkles would show up a bit more – they are, however, quite subtle and from any sort of distance and indoors it looks like a normal glossy black. I did take another picture, which is completely awful – but it does show the sparkles much better, it was taken with a flash, so please be aware that it would take that much flash to get the sparkle to show that much – it’s not even that sparkly in the sun. Check under the jump!
Did you miss me?


SH - Midnight in NY

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