OPI DS Royal

OPI DS RoyalI feel like I’m in a bit of a nail polish rut. I figured what better to get me out of a rut than a fun duochrome purple polish! Well, I was wrong. Royal is from OPI’s Designer Series (a cute way to say OPI nail polishes that are twice the normal cost). Katie actually gave me this nail polish after she tried it and didn’t like it. I hate to say, I agree with Katie on this one.

Royal is a purple and blue duochrome. My picture doesn’t really do it justice; we’ve had alot of clouds around here lately. I’m not a huge fan of duochromes. I just think they look…odd. I do like the way this polish looks from a distance. The blue that comes out in the sun does add alot of interest. But up close, I find it quite ugly.

Application wasn’t amazing. I had to use 4 coats to get the color opaque. I had problems with it applying unevenly. The polish was opaque at the bottom of the nail, but not at the tip of the nail. It was really quite frustrating.

I would be less hard on this polish if it didn’t cost a whopping $14. For $14 I expect alot out of a polish. I expect something that is amazing like NARS Purple Rain. But this was just an overal disappointment.



  1. You know, seeing all the other DS polishes I’d always wondered if maybe my initial reaction was wrong – but I’m glad you agree. It’s just so-so.

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