Maybelline Fun in Fuchsia

Maybelline Fun is FuchsiaI spotted Fun in Fuchsia in the same limited edition Maybelline display as Teal the Night. In the store it looked like a fun bright pink, and I figured I could never have too many of those.

In reality, Fun in Fuchsia is a bright purple based magenta with a nice little duochrome surprise. In the sun this polish has a flash of purple microglitter. Now, I’m not generally a fan of duochromes, but this one I love. It’s not too in your face, and the duochrome never looks odd, or out of place.

Application was amazing. Two coats for the polish to be opaque and streak free. I used my regular base coat, but decided to test the drying time on this polish without a top coat. Maybelline claims it dries in 50 seconds. In about a minute this was dry to the touch, but not dent proof.

Have a fabulous Saturday!



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