China Glaze Strawberry Fields

China Glaze Strawberry FieldsStrawberry Fields is from the Summer 2009 Summer Days collection by China Glaze. I have been eyeing this polish for a long time, I’m glad I finally got my hands on it. It did not disappoint!

Strawberry Fields is a red leaning magenta with gold microglitter. The formula definitely leans towards being a jelly, but very opaque. It’s so pretty! Sadly it was overcast the day I took this picture, so it doesn’t quite do this polish justice. It’s so pretty and sparkly, and I’m not even a fan of pinks! Also, I generally shy away from gold since I’m cool toned, but this polish looks great.

Application was on par. I did use 3 coats because of the jelly like feel of this polish, but it didn’t feel thick at all.

After my great experience with this polish, I just might have to hunt down some other colors from this collection 🙂

Happy Tax Day!


PS: It’s my cat’s birthday, so….picture of Kitty below the jump!

It is Kitty’s 7th birthday! (…his name isn’t really Kitty, it’s Tarheel, but I rarely call him anything but Kitty)

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8 thoughts on “China Glaze Strawberry Fields

  1. Has “Strawberry Fields” been incorporated into their regular line at Sally’s ? Or do i have to hunt this down on the internet?

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