Revlon Grape Icy

Revlon Grape IcyI finally spotted Revlon’s Scents of Summer collection at CVS. I picked up Grape Icy for a couple of reasons; I love purple and there are very few things I love more in this world than a grape sno cone.

Grape Icy is a light grape purple packed with microglitter. It’s a really pretty color and definitely stands out on my nails. Application was surprisingly good. I haven’t had a Revlon polish since I was in high school, so my expectations were somewhat low. But this polish applied wonderfully. I did have to use three coats for the color to be opaque and streak free.

Now for the smell…it definitely smells like a grape sno cone! Which is fine with me. A scented nail polish begs the question; can you use a top coat? The answer is yes. A base coat is also fine. Neither affects the scent.

The scent isn’t incredibly strong. That being said, the first 12 hours or so it is very noticable. After that it slowly fades. A day later the scent was almost entirely gone.

Overall this is a fun polish. I do love the color, but I did primarily buy it for the novelty of having a scented nail polish…although, wearing scented nail polish makes me want to randomly smell my nails, and I feel like in public that would be just a little bit awkward!

Happy weekend!



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