Color Club Ms. Socialite

Color Club Ms. SocialiteYet another polish from Color Club’s Rebel Debutante collection. So far I have had horrible luck with polishes from this collection. Who are you Wearing? was a disaster and I was underwhelmed by Uptown Girl. So to say the least my expectations for this polish were low. Very low.

Ms. Socialite is a gorgeous purple/plum creme. I love the color. And application of this polish wasn’t near as bad as my previous experience with this collection. I used three coats, and the polish was streak free and opaque.

As pretty as this color is, I got a bit bored. It’s been kind of an overcast day outside so I was craving some…bling, if you will. I decided to layer OPI Pink Before you Leap over Ms. Socialite. What a difference! While I love this polish as is, topping it with a little bit of microglitter really brings the polish alive.

Color Club Ms. Socialite OPI Pink before you Leap

Once on my nail I realized Ms. Socialite reminded me of one of my favorites from the OPI España collection; Pamplona purple. Looking at it on the nail I thought Ms. Socialite was just a tad darker than Pamplona purple. Oh boy was I wrong.

Overall I’m just kind of disappointed. The only Color Club polish I don’t absolutely loathe is a dupe of a polish I already have that has a superior formula. I won’t lie, Color Club is about to lose me entirely.

Comparisons below the jump!

Hope everyone enjoys their Friday and has a gret weekend 🙂


Color Club Ms. Socialite OPI Pamplona PurpleCan anyone actually tell the difference? Before I tell you which fingers have OPI Pamplona Purple and which have Ms. Socialite take a look. If you can see the difference, I would love to know how and what that difference is, because I certainly can’t see any difference. I showed Katie this picture and she couldn’t see any difference, either.

OPI Pamplona Purple is on my pointer and ring finger (you may have been able to guess since I failed to do cleanup on my ring finger :)), while Ms. Socialite is on my middle and pinky.

There’s just absolutely no difference. And the formula for Pamplona Purple is FAR superior to that of Ms. Socialite. That being said, Ms. Socialite is less expensive (less than $2 compared to OPI’s $8+)

Either way this is a gorgeous color. One or the other is a necessity in any purple polish lovers collection 🙂


What do you think?