Avon nail experts instant gel cuticle remover

Avon Instant Gel Cuticle RemoverI ordered Avon instant gel cuticle remover after my cuticles became dry from using 100% acetone nail polish remover so often. This sounded like a promising product….”dissolves dry cuticles in 15 seconds.”

The day I received this product I couldn’t wait to try it. I read the directions carefully as I hadn’t used any product like this previously. It simply states “squeeze a thin strip around cuticles and under nail tips. After 15 seconds begin to gently push back cuticles…Wash away excess immediately with warm, soapy water.”

I followed the directions to a tee. And….nothing. There was no difference in my cuticles.

The bottle specifically warns not to leave this on for more than 15 seconds, but I figured it didn’t do anything, I’d try leaving it on a little longer. Still nothing.

At best this product makes it a tad easier to push back cuticles. At worst it does absolutely nothing.

This retails for $6. I know I didn’t pay that much for it as I never order anything from Avon that isn’t on sale. But however much I paid for it was too much!


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