Sally Hansen – Mellow Yellow

Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow Alli’s post on Limoncello inspired me to try a yellow I’ve had for a few months but never used. I must say, yellows are starting to grow on me. Mellow Yellow is from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line (Which, for the record is my favorite) – It’s a very soft yellow creme – very pretty for spring. While I like the color a lot, the application was a bit lacking – it took 3 coats (4 on a few fingers) to even out the color. Oh – and please forgive the smudge marks, I took a nap before they had fully dried. Oops!



  1. I really like the wear of this polish, it last a longtime. I have “Pacific Blue” and the teal one,.and they wore for the entire week, with very little tip wear. Love them!

    1. I have Pacific Blue – haven’t tried it yet though. I looooove the Xtreme Wear line so much that I keep wondering if i jumped the gun on hating the Complete Salon Manicure line – I mean how can something that is just over 2 dollars be better than something that is nearly 8? Hmm…

      Anyway – Virtual Violet is fantastic from Xtreme Wear too. Love!

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