NARS Purple Rain

NARS Purple RainThe famous Purple Rain! I looked at this at Sephora dozens of times, I drooled over swatches on other blogs, but I never broke down and purchased it. This polish became somewhat of a legend. Katie and I would talk about it frequently, but I had accepted I would never actually own it. $16 for a nail polish!? Especially one that I already own similar colors…

Well, leave it to Katie to turn an urban legend into reality. She came to visit me over the long weekend and what did she bring with her? NARS Purple Rain, of course! I don’t know how she didn’t break down and tell me she bought it. It was a great surprise.

Purple Rain did not disappoint. It is a gorgeous purple filled with red and blue microglitter. Sound familiar? The description is familiar. I have alot of purples with red and blue microglitter and they usually fall into the blurple category. But Purple Rain somehow remains purple under all lights.

NARS Purple Rain The closest polishes I have to NARS Purple rain are China Glaze Stella, Maybelline Grape Times and Chi Check out the Venus Goddess. I did a comparison of the three here. Essie Sexy Divide is the closest I have on the blue side, but it’s a bit too blue. I do have some polishes that are close, but no dupes.

Application of Purple Rain was amazing. I probably could have gotten away with just one coat, but I did two for good measure. The wear from this polish is equally amazing. I used a base and top coat and 3 days later I don’t even have any tip wear.

Even though I am absolutely in love with this nail polish, I’d still probably never spend $16 on nail polish for myself. Even though I have no dupes, there are plenty of polishes that are similar out there. And great wear time isn’t something I particularly covet in a nail polish because I change my manicure so often.

That being said, if you are a dark purple lover like me, seriously consider picking up Purple Rain. You will not be disappointed.



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