Claire’s Mood Nail Polish peaceful/confident

Claire's Mood Nail Polish Peaceful ConfidentI picked up peaceful/confident along with calm/wild when Claire’s had their nail polishes buy one get one half off. I’m not going to cover my lovely shopping trip to Claire’s again in this post, I’ll juts say it was trying. I definitely want to spend as little time in Claire’s as possible.

That being said, I’ve been pleased with both Mood polishes I purchased. They’re fun, and I like the colors I picked up.

Application of peaceful/confident was essentially the same as calm/wild. It dries very quickly, and if you apply it to warm hands the color will change as it dries. The first coat of this was very streaky, but it evened out after 3 coats. As with calm/wild, this dried to a matte finish. A top coat is definitely necessary (and does not adversely affect the polishes ability to change colors).

peaceful/confident isn’t near as fun as calm/wild, but I like the colors better. The difference between the two colors isn’t that noticable. The color change was noticable to me, but I doubt anyone else noticed.

These polishes chip very quickly. The wear is the same as any matte polish.

In short, if you want one of the Mood polishes for the novelty, this is not the one you should pick up. Grab calm/wild or earthy/happy.  For a much more detailed post about Mood nail polishes, check out  my post on calm/wild.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring weather!



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